Contact Us

We hope that this website provides all the information you need about Frostfest, but if you need to contact us, click on one of the links below to get in touch:

     Frostfest Chairman – Robert Marshall KI4MCW

     Commercial Sales – Jason Pye KD4LEM

     Ticket & Table Sales – Jason Pye KD4LEM

     Meetings & Forums – Charles John KI4WCK

     Volunteer Coordinator – Reid Barden N1VCU

     Webmaster/Report Website errors or problems – Peter Martin K2VIZ

Our snail mail address is:

     PO Box 70613
     Henrico, VA 23255

(Please note that the email links above are the fastest way to get a response.
Personal email addresses for previous years’ staff may no longer be available.)

The Frostfest amateur radio show and convention is a production of RATS - the Richmond Amateur Telecommunications Society, Inc. 501(c)3, and is a fundraiser for the organization, supporting multiple wide-area repeaters and other public ham radio resources. © 1972-2019 RATS, Inc. All rights reserved.