Table Sales

** A small number of tables has become available – these will will available for sale at the Raceway on Friday and Saturday, February 1 and 2.

General sales tables at Frostfest are $35.00 per 8-foot, indoor table. Electricity is available for any table, for an additional fee. Admission tickets ($10 each) are required for you and each member of your team, and can be ordered along with your tables. Youth under the age of 18 do not need admission tickets.

Please note that extension cords and chairs are not provided for general sales tables, so be sure to bring what you’ll need.

If you wish to request specific tables, please use the Table Number Request field located in your Shopping Cart. Please do not send a separate message or email, as it is very difficult to associate these emails with orders during the fulfillment process. Make sure you check the latest floor plan to make your table selections!


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