Terms and Conditions

By purchasing tickets, tables, or booths to Frostfest; whether online, at the event box office, or otherwise; the producers of Frostfest assume you have read, and agree to, the terms outlined here.

PURPOSE. Frostfest is a production of, and a fund raiser for, the Richmond Amateur Telecommunications Society, Inc. (RATS), a non-profit amateur radio club located in Richmond, Virginia. RATS is the operator of wide-area coverage repeater systems on both 144MHz and 440MHz, a wide area digital repeater system, IRLP, and other publicly-available ham radio resources. Proceeds from Frostfest support the maintenance of these systems, and various other public functions of RATS.

NO REFUNDS. All sales are final. Frostfest will be held on Saturday, February 2, 2019 regardless of weather.

RIGHT OF REFUSAL. The Frostfest team reserves to right to refuse service to any individual or group for any reason. Likewise, the Frostfest team reserves the right to remove from the premises – at its sole discretion and without refund – any person or group found to be posing a nuisance or danger to themselves or others, stealing, damaging the facility or the property of other attendees or vendors, breaking the law, or otherwise disrupting the event.

NO CHAIRS PROVIDED TO VENDORS. In order to keep table prices low, Frostfest DOES NOT provide chairs to vendors. If you or someone on your team requires a chair, YOU WILL NEED TO BRING ONE.

NO LOADING THROUGH GLASS ENTRY DOORS. Vendors must load-in and load-out via the roll-up doors and/or steel entry doors to the rear and side of the Exhibition Hall.

DRIVE-IN LOADING. Drive-in loading is available to all vendors ON FRIDAY, February 1, 2019 ONLY. No drive-in loading is available Saturday morning, February 2, 2019. Vendors must limit their vehicles to no more than 2 HOURS inside the building. All vendors performing drive-in loading are expected to operate their vehicles in a safe and courteous manner.

ROLL-UP DOORS. The large roll-up doors at the rear and side of the building will remain closed on Saturday until 3:30pm, or such time as deemed safe by the Frostfest team. These doors may only be operated by Frostfest team members.

BUILDING CLOSED OVERNIGHT. Load-in on Friday, February 1, 2019 begins at 10:00AM, and ends at 7:00PM. The gates to the Richmond Raceway Complex campus are locked soon after. There is no admittance to the building again for vendors until 6:30AM Saturday, February 2, 2019.

ELECTRICAL SERVICE. The Richmond Raceway Complex charges for electrical service on a per-outlet basis; the fee is $40 per single 120-volt outlet (this service is included free of charge in all commercial booth packages). Power strips ARE NOT PROVIDED – vendors are encouraged to bring their own power strips.

TABLE ASSIGNMENTS. While we do accept requests from vendors for specific tables, it may be necessary to change table assignments even after such arrangements have been made. Any such changes will be made at the sole discretion of the Frostfest team.

UNACCEPTABLE MERCHANDISE. No vendor or attendee may display, sell, or offer to sell any X-rated material; illegal items (including illegal radio equipment); or incindiary devices, weapons, or weapon-like novelties (including but not limited to: firearms, ammunition, fireworks, knives with blades over 3″ long, nunchucks, spears, swords, throwing stars, stun guns, tasers, pepper spray, or mace).

ADMISSION TO EVENT. Everyone wishing to enter the venue on Saturday, February 2, 2019 must have either an admission ticket or a commercial vendor badge (unless you are under the age of 18). Please be sure to purchase a ticket for yourself and anyone else who plans to accompany you on Saturday.

DOOR PRIZES. All attendees, non-commercial vendors, and Frostfest volunteers are eligible for door prizes, including the Grand Prize, regardless of age or amateur radio licensing status. All winners must be present to claim their prizes – claim by proxy is not permitted. Members of the Frostfest Committee, members of the RATS Board of Directors, and their immediate family members are not eligible to win door prizes.

RV PARKING. The Richmond Raceway Complex does permit a limited number of vendors or attendees to stay in their vehicles overnight. No water hookup is available, but electrical service is generally available. It is within the Raceway Complex, so you will need to be inside the gates by 7:00PM or risk being locked out overnight. Upon arrival on Friday or Saturday, the Frostfest team will provide an RV Camping Permit to be displayed in the windshield of your RV. All rules regarding this service (including the exact parking locations available) are at the discretion of Raceway staff.

ADHERENCE TO RACEWAY POLICIES. The Frostfest takes place on the private property of the Richmond Raceway Complex. All vendors, attendees, Frostfest staff, and volunteers must adhere to all Raceway policies at all times.

NO PETS. Per Raceway policy, no pets may be brought into the Frostfest, with the exception of certified service animals.

NO WEAPONS. Per Raceway policy, no firearms or other weapons may be brought into the Frostfest, regardless of concealment or permit status.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The Richmond Amateur Telecommunications Society, Inc. (RATS) reserves the rights to all usage of the terms “Frostfest”, “Frostfest Buck$”, “RATS”, “Richmond Amateur Telecommunications Society”, and other titles, marks, logos, and other collateral related to the RATS organization and the production of Frostfest. Any other use of these protected marks and products is prohibited. The Frostfest website, and proprietary computer software components thereof, are copyrighted products of RATS, and may not be reproduced or reused without permission.

NO NOTICE. These terms and conditions are subject to change without advance notice.

If you have any questions about these terms, please contact the Frostfest team so that we may discuss them further.


The Frostfest amateur radio show and convention is a production of RATS - the Richmond Amateur Telecommunications Society, Inc. 501(c)3, and is a fundraiser for the organization, supporting multiple wide-area repeaters and other public ham radio resources. © 1972-2019 RATS, Inc. All rights reserved.