Important Information for all Ticket Purchasers, Flea Market and Commercial Vendors

…also known as Terms and Conditions

By ordering tickets or tables to Frostfest online, by mail, or at the event box office, we assume you have read and agree to the terms outlined here.


The Richmond Raceway Complex charges for electrical service on a per-outlet basis, the fee is $40 per single 120-volt outlet. This arrangement allows us to provide you with electricity wherever your table may be. Please note that one 120-volt outlet of electrical service is included in all commercial booth packages.


1) About the facility: The Richmond Raceway Complex offers nice buildings, good food, separate spaces for VE Testing and meetings, and plenty of room to host a quality Frostfest.

2) DRIVE-IN LOADING IS AVAILABLE. Please note, however, that vehicles will be allowed inside the buildings ONLY ON FRIDAY, February 2, 2018. NO ONE EXCEPT FROSTFEST STAFF MAY OPERATE THE ELECTRIC DOORS. We ask that if you DO choose drive-in loading, that you bring your vehicle in, unload, and then remove your vehicle as quickly as possible, so others can get in. There is a TWO HOUR time limit for vehicles in the building. After 2 hours, we will encourage you to move your vehicle out of the building. There are 3 loading doors, so there is plenty of room for everyone to bring their goods into the building, but please plan on using carts, wagons, or other methods to bring your stuff inside if you possibly can. There is NO drive-in loading on Saturday morning at all! There will be no load-in or load-out allowed through the glass entry doors. FROSTFEST STAFF ONLY will re-open the doors after 3:30PM on Saturday to load out.

3) Load-in on Friday, February 2 begins promptly at 10:00AM, and ENDS AT 7:00PM! The RRC gates are locked soon after, so if you don’t want to spend the night in your car, you need to pay attention to the time (of course, you may stay in your vehicle if you park in the RV Camping Lot and pay the $45/night fee). We are charged big bucks for every extra hour that the doors are unlocked, so you need to plan your load-in so that you can finish before 7:00PM. Doors will reopen for load-in on Saturday, February 3 at 6:30AMWe will not allow anyone in the buildings until 6:30AM on Saturday, as we will need time to prepare our staff. Note that the venue charges the same fees for early opening as for late closing, so please do not ask for exceptions to these working hours.

4) Doors open for Early Bird ticket holders at 8:00AM Saturday. General Admission ticket sales will begin at 8:30AM on Saturday; that is when the general admission doors will open. Drawings for door prizes are held hourly (or possibly more often, subject to availability). The Grand Prize will be drawn at 1:00PM. Click here to see more about the prizes!

5) NO REFUNDS! This event is a fund raiser for the Richmond Amateur Telecommunications Society, operator of one of Central Virginia’s most reliable wide-area coverage repeater systems on both 144MHz and 440MHz, with dual IRLP links and a multi-node APRS network. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. The show WILL GO ON as long as the Richmond Raceway Complex is open, regardless of weather. Please plan accordingly.

6) Richmond Raceway Complex employees are not allowed to assist Frostfest vendors in loading in, setting up, taking down, or loading out their displays or wares. Please plan accordingly. No tickets are necessary to enter during Friday’s set up time, so if you need assistance, please bring friends or family to help you get your stuff to its proper location and ready for the event. We highly encourage a Friday load-in to minimize traffic early Saturday morning.

7) We will attempt, as we have in the past, to let you select where your tables are located. Please look at the online table layouts to review your options in detail. If you want to be next to someone in particular, we encourage you to order your tables at the same time, and note on both orders that you wish to be beside each other. Better yet, make ONE order with all the tables you will both need. We respectfully request your patience and consideration. Requests for specific tables CANNOT be guaranteed no matter how long you have been coming to Frostfest. We work hard to keep the floor plan up to date, but please understand that even if a table shows as available on the floor plan, it might not be. Further, as with most trade shows, we do reserve the right to change table and/or booth assignments, at our sole discretion, up to and including the day of the show, in order to provide the best possible show for everyone.

8) There may be other events taking place at the Raceway Complex on the day of Frostfest. Please be cooperative with the other events. RRC has plenty of parking, easy access, and is designed to handle the crowds (imagine 100,000+ for a race).

9) Frostfest DOES NOT SUPPLY CHAIRS. In an effort to keep prices down, we request that you bring your own seating if you want/need it.

10) EVERYONE wishing to enter the venue on Saturday, February 3rd must have an admission ticket (unless you are under the age of 18). Purchase of a table DOES NOT INCLUDE an admission ticket. Please be sure to purchase a ticket for yourself and anyone else who plans to accompany you on Saturday. We will not assign tables until at least one ticket is purchased with the table order.


12) RV camping is available for $45/night. No water hookup is available, but electricity is included. It is within the Raceway Complex, so you will need to be inside the gates by 10:00PM or risk being locked out. We will send you an RV Camping Permit for the windshield of your RV when you order your space.

13) Commercial Vendors: Each standard 8’w x 8’d booth includes pipe and drape on the back and sides, one 8′ table; and one shared 120-volt 15-amp (total) electrical outlet. CHAIRS ARE NOT PROVIDED – please bring your own. You may bring up to four (4) employees per booth. Please check in at the Frostfest office for your Commercial Vendor badges. Commercial booths DO NOT include eligibility for prizes. You may purchase regular admission tickets if you wish to be included for prizes. Click here for information on Commercial Booth Sales.

14) Flea Market Vendors: Your $35 per 8′ table includes the table only; you will need to order admission tickets for yourself and anyone else who will be staffing your tables, and once again, CHAIRS ARE NOT PROVIDED. Your admission ticket (purchased separately) DOES provide eligibility for door prizes. Electrical service is $40 extra per outlet, and can be ordered here on our website along with your tables. Note that this is for a SINGLE 120-volt, 15-amp outlet (not a “quad box”, not a dual outlet), so please bring your own extension cords and power strips. All tables will be provided on a first come – first served basis, and we will make every reasonable effort to accommodate your requests for specific table locations. Reservations for flea market spaces are not transferable. The sooner you make your request, the better chance you will have to receive your specified location. We will issue tickets & table credentials once payment has cleared. FrostPASS orders will have status posted online.

15) As a service to Amateur Radio affiliated non-profit groups who do not intend to sell merchandise at Frostfest, we have a limited number of tables available to use for recruiting and publicity purposes, free of charge. Click here for more information.