Who sponsors the Frostfest?
Frostfest is a production of the Richmond Amateur Telecommunications Society, an amateur radio club located in Richmond, Virginia. RATS is the operator of the W4RAT repeaters on 146.880MHz, 442.550MHz, 443.5875MHz (analog and DMR), and the W4RAT APRS digipeater network. Frostfest serves as the club’s primary fundraiser, thus helping to keep these wide-area resources (and our served agencies) on the air.

Whom do I contact if I have questions about anything Frostfest-related?
>> Click here << to visit our Contact page.

Where exactly is the Frostfest being held?
Frostfest is proud to host our event at the Richmond Raceway Complex, at 600 East Laburnum Ave. Richmond, VA 23222.
>> Click here << for detailed directions, map coordinates, and easy-to-follow driving directions from just about anywhere.

The Richmond Raceway Complex is HUGE! Which building will you be in?
We will be located in the main Exhibition Hall – the largest of the group of four buildings just inside the main entrance to the Raceway complex. We will be parking in Lot B and C. Here is a map of the Raceway Complex vicinity – our location is in the lower left-hand corner of the map.

What is the Talk-in Frequency?
Talk-in will be on the RATS 146.880 Repeater (standard –600 kHz offset). PL is 74.4Hz and will be TURNED ON during talk-in to prevent interference from repeaters in Raleigh, NC and Greenbelt, MD that use similar frequencies.

What are the Setup Times for Frostfest?
Setup times are from 10:00AM to 7:00PM Friday, February 2, 2018, and from 6:30AM to 8:00AM Saturday, February 3rd. Please note that no load-in or load-out is allowed through the main glass doors in front and rear – please use the side and rear cargo doors for load-in.

Are Vehicles allowed in the RRC buildings?
Yes, drive-in loading is available! You may enter through the large door on the rear of the building starting at 10:00am on Friday. We request that you drive in, drop your stuff, then exit as quickly as you can (strict 2 hour time limit per vehicle). Later in the day, as the building fills up, it becomes more difficult to maneuver; accordingly, we reserve the right to restrict or halt drive-in loading if deemed necessary for safety or other reasons. There is NO drive-in loading available on Saturday morning, but you may bring a vehicle back in at 3:30PM Saturday (or when deemed safe by Frostfest staff, law enforcement, or RRC staff).

Is there a Loading Dock available?
Yes, a loading dock is available on the side of the building, for those dealers who may need to load in from a semi or other large truck. If you would like to make use of this facility, please let us know, so that we can make any necessary arrangements.

What are the Hours of the event?
Doors will open at 8:00AM for Early Bird ticket holders. Gate ticket sales begin at 8:30AM for everyone else, and we will operate until 3:30pm Saturday, February 3rd.

Will there be Security at the Frostfest?
Richmond Raceway Complex will remain locked and guarded overnight and security will be provided throughout the event. If you set up on Friday, we suggest covering your table(s) with a tarp.

Will there be DXCC Card Checking at Frostfest?
Yes! There will be DXCC Card Checking at the RATS/ARRL tables on the right-hand wall of the Exhibition Hall.

Do you accept Credit Cards at the Ticket Booth?
No, we will not be accepting credit cards on site. We only accept cash. There is, however, an ATM on the front of the Exhibition Hall next to our main entrance.

Will there be an ATM at the Frostfest?
The Richmond Raceway Complex has a SunTrust Bank ATM just to the left of the main entrance to the Exhibition Hall. Fees may apply to use the machine. RATS/Frostfest has no control over this service, but we are assured by the facility that the ATM will be stocked and ready!

I’m hungry – what about food?
The Exhibition Hall has a full-service concession area. There are also a number of fast food restaurants within a short driving distance of the Frostfest. We can give you directions at the announcer’s stand, and stamp your hand at the door so that you can re-enter Frostfest when you return.

How can I register for a table or admission tickets?
Order your tickets and tables right here on our website – please review the Important Information for all Ticket Purchasers, Flea Market and Commercial Vendors, and follow the link at the bottom.

What are Frostfest Buck$ and how do they work?
Frostfest Buck$ are gift certificates presented to the winners of certain door prizes. They can be used as cash at any Frostfest vendor who chooses to accept them. While we encourage vendors to accept Frostfest Buck$, it is each individual’s decision. Please ask before presenting Frostfest Buck$ to a vendor in payment. RATS/Frostfest will redeem the coupons to vendors only (they are NOT exchangeable for cash except through vendors who choose to accept them from the winner in lieu of cash for items purchased).

Vendors who accept Frostfest Buck$ may bring them to the Frostfest office (located in the front of the building) between 11:00AM and 5:00PM on Saturday, February 3, 2018. Frostfest Buck$ have NO VALUE outside of this event, and must be redeemed by 5:00PM Saturday, February 3, 2018. Don’t worry, though – we make it super-easy to spend and redeem Frostfest Buck$!

What amenities are available in the RV campground?
Only electricity is available in the RV camping area. No water or sewer hookups are available in the winter months, though there is a wastewater dumping station. See our RV Camping Information page for more information.

Where can I stay while visiting Frostfest?
Many hotels and motels are within a few miles of the Raceway Complex. We recommend motels listed here. Be sure to use the supplied link when making reservations to get the Frostfest discount. Calling or using the main motel’s website will make it more difficult to secure the special Frostfest price.

Can I use my Frostfest ticket to get into the Gun Show or Comicon?
Unlike in some previous years, there is no gun show or comic book convention at the Richmond Raceway Complex on the weekend of February 3, 2018.


The Frostfest amateur radio show and convention is a production of RATS - the Richmond Amateur Telecommunications Society, Inc., and is a fundraiser for the organization, supporting multiple wide-area repeaters and other public ham radio resources. © 2018 RATS, Inc. All rights reserved.