VE Testing Sessions

The RATS W5YI VE Team will once again host the license testing session at Frostfest. Exams will be offered for all amateur license classes. You can read up on testing protocols at the W5YI website.

The testing session is held upstairs in the Exhibition Hall, above the main floor of Frostfest. You can take either the stairs or the elevator from the snack bar/lobby area to the upper floor.

You do not have to purchase admission to Frostfest to take an Amateur Radio Licensing exam. But of course if you pass your test and want to shop for some new gear, you will need to purchase a ticket to enter the show (admission is free to those under 18 years old).

Testing will be held from 10:00AM until 1:00PM. Please bring $14 cash, a government issued photo ID, and your original Amateur Radio license (if upgrading to a higher license class). For all new license tests, a Social Security Number is required, per FCC regulations.

Before the show, PLEASE DOWNLOAD, PRINT, AND PROPERLY FILL OUT THE REQUIRED NCVEC 605 FORM and bring it with you to the show – this will save you and the testing team LOTS of time!!

Please note that there is no pre-registration available. All testing is by walk-in only, first come first served.

Good luck on your exam!

The Frostfest amateur radio show and convention is a production of RATS - the Richmond Amateur Telecommunications Society, Inc. 501(c)3, and is a fundraiser for the organization, supporting multiple wide-area repeaters and other public ham radio resources. © 1972-2019 RATS, Inc. All rights reserved.