Frostfest continues our tradition of fantastic door prizes, including our Grand Prize: $1000 in Frostfest Buck$!! Frostfest Buck$ are redeemable at ANY Frostfest vendor (see below for more information).

Many additional door prizes will be given away throughout the show. These packages will include a variety of goodies, such as ham radio gear, gift certificates from major manufacturers and publishers, and even some additional Frostfest Buck$! Since the content of these packages can change by the minute, you’ll want to keep an eye on the announcer’s stand to see what you can win.

YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN! Everyone placing their ticket stub in the drum is eligible to win a door prize. As each drawing is held, the winners’ names and ticket numbers will be displayed on an LCD Monitor at the announcers stand at the rear of the Exhibition Hall. At approximately 2:00PM, any unclaimed prizes will be re-drawn for those present.

What are Frostfest Buck$ and how do they work?

Frostfest Buck$ are gift certificates presented to the winners of certain prizes. They can be used as cash at any Frostfest vendor who chooses to accept them. While we encourage vendors to accept Frostfest Buck$, it is each vendor’s individual discretion – please ask before presenting Frostfest Buck$ to a vendor in payment.

For vendors, Frostfest Buck$ are just as easy! Simply bring them to the Frostfest office (located in the front lobby of the building) between 11:00AM and 5:00PM on the day of the show, and we will exchange those certificates for cash at face value – piece of cake!

Frostfest Buck$ are meant to be used at the show, and therefore they have NO VALUE outside of the event. All Frostfest Buck$ certificates must be redeemed by vendors to the Frostfest Staff by 5:00PM EST on Saturday, February 1, 2020. Only vendors may redeem Frostfest Buck$ – so take them and go shopping!


Frostfest Volunteers *are eligible* for any and all door prizes, including the Grand Prize.

Frostfest Committee Members, RATS Board Members, and their immediate family members *are not eligible* for any door prizes.